HUGE LiveWallet Update!!!: Shortlisted for SCF#11, Invitation to Stellar Startup Bootcamp and more…

2 min readOct 11, 2022


Dear LiveWallet fam, we hope you’re all doing good in these tough market conditions. We’ve got a few updates to share with you.

First up, we are glad to inform you that LiveWallet has been shortlisted to participated in SCF#11. SCF stands for the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) which is an open-application grant program that distributes up to 24M XLM annually to Stellar-based developers, startups, and full-fledged companies based on community input. We ask for your full support to enable us emerge as winners. The win will help us further bring our vision of breaking the barrier hindering many Africans from joining the cryptocurrency space a reality through the tools provided by the Stellar ecosystem.

LiveWallet has also been invited to participate in the SCF#11 Startup Bootcamp. This is really great as it gives us a lot of opportunities to help push the project further.

Lastly, we have updated our logo and you’ll be seeing the new ones used in all our future products and posts. Thank you all for the support. Let’s decentralize the financial system of Africa together!

About LiveWallet
LiveWallet is a simplified non-custodial crypto wallet that allows the general public to explore cryptocurrency in a simple, easy-to-use interface and move between local currencies and crypto and vice versa. An All-in-one crypto wallet experience that serves as a beginner’s guide to crypto with no required prior knowledge. LiveWallet rewards users through learn & earn, contribute & earn and offers merchants directory where users can spend their cryptocurrencies and receive crypto rewards as cash back.

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